Project Reactor reference documentation and Javadoc.
Latest stable BOM: Dysprosium-SR12
Latest pre-release BOM: 2020.0.0-RC1 (codename Europium)
Latest BOMs in previous release trains: Californium-SR21  Bismuth-SR17  Aluminium-SR3 

Reactor Kotlin Extensions

Kotlin extensions for all Java artifacts in Dysprosium+

Version   Release Train
1.0.2.RELEASE   Dysprosium-SR12
1.1.0-RC1   2020.0.0-RC1
Javadoc (temporarily instead of Kotlin Doc)
Release | Milestone | Snapshot
See Core Reference, Kotlin section

Reactor Pool

Generic object pool for reactive applications

Version   Release Train
0.1.6.RELEASE   Dysprosium-SR12
0.2.0-RC1   2020.0.0-RC1
Release | Milestone | Snapshot

Reactor Core .NET

Incubating Reactive Streams foundation for .NET


Reactor Core JS

Incubating Reactive Streams foundation for JavaScript



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  • RELEASE-TRAIN: Artifacts in the latest stable and fully available release train (currently Dysprosium-SR12 ).
  • RELEASE-TRAIN: Artifacts in the latest pre-release release train (currently 2020.0.0-RC1 ).
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