Curated List of Learning Material

This section lists external material like conference talks, articles and blogs that cover Reactor 3 and can serve as an alternative source of knowledge about the library.

  Lite Rx API Hands On

A hands-on targeted at an audience discovering reactive programming, with Reactor 3.

  Reactor by Example

An extensive InfoQ article, part of a series on Reactive Programming. Compares and contrasts with RxJava (and especially RxJava 2), focuses on the backpressure aspect and touches on testing.

  Devoxx Be 2016 University

"Developing Reactive applications with Reactive Streams and Java 8" by Brian Clozel, Sébastien Deleuze

  David Karnok's Blog

David Karnok ( akarnokd) is the main RxJava committer, but he also contributes to Reactor. His blog digs deep into details of reactive flows implementations, and most of this knowledge can be transposed to Reactor.